From Macabre to Mysterious is a collection of horror, thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, and spine-tingling stories. Some titles now available on Amazon Kindle books, more to come.


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Stories from my "Darkest Tales" collection:


Breakdown Lane

Carnival Fare

Dark of the Moon

Always on top

Seasonably scary stories


Fairy Ring

A Halloween Fantasy


For Science Fiction Fans


Visions of a future event portend a woman's murder.

The Protector

A champion to watch over her.


Retirement doesn't necessarily mean no excitement.

 Cat Path

Mayhem in Suburbia

The Quaker Oats Man

A Cereal Killer

A Cold Dose of Reality
Sometimes things are not exactly what they seem.


A science fiction thriller.

 Stone Dogs

A walk at dusk becomes a trek into terror.

 Crocodile Tears

This tale is psychologically twisted.

© 2008 Sharen Nehoda

*NOTE:  All works herein are covered under Copyright Law.
 Only under expressed and prior agreed upon permission will any of my creative works
be allowed copied or reproduced in anyway.  Please use the Guest book below to contact me for further information.

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